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10 Things I Wish I Knew as an Underclassmen From a Senior

Updated: May 19, 2022

1. These are not the best years of your life. They are messy and people will be mean. These are the years to get your education and have fun with the little freedom you have left before you have to pay taxes. While that is good, everything changes in high school, sometimes for the worse. Things will get better and while it seems overwhelming now, you will get through these 4 years.

2. Holiday socials and school events are actually fun. Yes, some parts are cheesy and the speeches may be long. However, at the end of your years, you will miss the free food and having a reason to dress up for once.

3. AP classes do not reflect your worth. Do not take more than you can handle in these classes. Yes, it may seem tempting, but nobody wants to hear when you are constantly complaining about taking 6 APs in one year. That's your own fault.

4. If you do not want to take an AP test then do not. Especially if you are getting assistance from the school. You waste money and if you know you will not make a 3+ then do not let your teacher make you feel bad about not signing up.

5. Understand your teachers are doing their best. There are at least 100 other students in your classes besides you. Give them time to put in grades and do not speak poorly about them just because they take more than a week to turn in a grade. They have lives outside of school.

6. Do not stress yourself out. Pride yourself on your work, but do not burn yourself out. In 10 years you will not remember the assignments, but you will remember the stress and discomfort.

7. Get involved in clubs! Colleges love clubs and extracurriculars. Colleges would rather accept a 3.8 GPA with a well-rounded student that has community service and clubs than a 4.0 GPA with nothing else.

8. Sometimes taking that 50 is better than a 0. If you miss an assignment, talk to your teacher. The worst thing they can do is say no. A half grade is better than no grade at all.

9. Pick and choose your battles. This will continue within life as a whole, but sometimes issues just are so small in the grand scheme of things they are not worth stressing yourself out over. Yes, you should work for what you believe in, but do not make yourself sick over something you will not remember in 5 years.

10. You are allowed to have fun. Yes, there are a lot of responsibilities when going to CHS, but you are allowed to have fun and be teenagers. Cheer at pep rallies and show your pride. You look more out of place not being loud. Go to games with your friends and meet new people.


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