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A Closely-Knitted Club

Led by Mrs. McConnell, Knitting Club is a learning environment where students can get a taste of knitting and spend time with fellow knitting lovers.

Knitting is the process of using long needles to create a series of loops. Each loop connects to another and eventually forms a material called a textile. Textiles can then be manipulated into items like clothing and decorations.

The Knitting Club was originally designed for underclassmen to experiment with knitting for a better understanding of what they would like to do for their senior project.

“That way [underclassmen] can dabble a little bit, and then make a better, more informed decision their senior year,” McConnell stated.

Knitting Club consists of both students considering senior project options, and students who merely want to pick up a new hobby.

According to McConnell, there is a common misconception that the knitting process happens over night. In reality, knitting involves continuous practice and plenty of time. It is a rewarding process for students willing to put in the proper amount of work.

Being a new club, the members are small in number. There are no active leader roles such as Club President, but McConnell plans to expand club opportunities as it continues to grow.

“I would love to assign the role of a project leader to [create] monthly projects for the club,” McConnell smiled.

For Knitting Club, there are no grade level requirements or sign up procedures. On the first Monday of every month, any student, beginner or expert, is welcome to stop by room 124 and enjoy a helpful knitting session.

Overall, the Knitting Club is a positive environment where students can meet to have conversation while learning to do something new with their hands.


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