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Academic Decathlon Wants You!

Laney Williams

Academic Decathlon is a club run by our very own Ms. Hood. In this club, students get to study topics of the core subjects along with economics, music, and art upon a theme. This year's theme is the "American Revolution and Founding a New Nation".

Last year's theme was "Water," and Academic Decathlon went on to be first in the district, first place in Super Quiz for state and MCSD, and first place in Medium School. Along with succeeding and being 12th overall nationally as a team, they had much individual success.

Owen Steele (10), went on to win third place in science and social studies nationally. He was 8th overall nationally.

This year the team has around three to four returning students, and the new team is almost entirely made up of sophomores. The team has to have three students with a 3.8 GPA or higher, three students with a 3.20 to a 3.79 GPA, and three students with a 3.199 GPA or lower. They are currently still looking for new members in the lower GPA bracket.

Ms, Hood has helped many students over her years here at CHS. She uses Academic Decathlon to help students build their resume, help create friendships, and create an educational and fun environment for students to enjoy.

Ms. Hood quotes, ¨I've been coaching for 14 years, and it's easily been one of the most gratifying things I've done here, because I've gotten to meet a lot of kids I didn't teach, and I have actually learned by getting to work through the material with the students that I'd never thought I’d know.¨

She told me an abundance of stories of how what she’s learned through coaching has helped her. For example, one year the topic was infectious diseases, and now she can recall so many diseases that help her teach her AP World History classes.

"There are so many things I've learned through coaching Academic Decathlon, it's just fun to learn stuff!¨

AJ Schmidt (10) says, ¨It's easy to make memories . . . also it's a lot more laid back than other things, so it's less stressful than other things.¨

Along with that Dereon Tyner added on, ¨It's been interesting. Coming here has been a higher expectation, and I didn't expect myself to fit in, but I do.¨

Overall, Academic Decathlon has created a fun environment for many at CHS over the years, and they have been quite successful. They’re still currently recruiting, and say that many people actually come to them with a GPA too high! So, if you’re looking for a club that builds environments, friendships, and plenty of memories to last, Academic Decathlon is just the place for you!


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