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AP Capstone: The Stepping Stone to College Success

AP Capstone is a two-year program consisting of AP Seminar (11th grade), and AP Research (12th grade). Sophomores interested in signing up for AP Capstone are required to fill out and turn in an application packet by February 4th.

The admission process for AP Capstone is competitive, requiring students to have a GPA of at least 4.0, a minimum PSAT score of 1100, and three completed AP classes by the end of Sophomore year.

The AP Capstone program will accept a minimum of forty-eight students this upcoming school year. The maximum number of students accepted is not yet determined.

Participating in the AP Capstone program cultivates successful assets such as professional research and analytical thinking. Through individual and collaborative work, the program sets students up for independence and works to perfect presentation skills that will be vital in college.

AP Capstone requires students to work diligently both inside and outside of school. It is important to consider your after school commitments before dedicating to AP Capstone.

“AP Capstone has made me create a better work schedule for school and at home,” Ella Grace Walls (11), expressed.

AP Capstone students must be prepared to present projects, work with fellow classmates, and enforce healthy academic habits for this program.

“You have to be self-motivated to do well in this class,” states Ms. Hill, an AP Seminar teacher.

AP Capstone may require high efforts, but the rewards are exceptional.

Students who complete the prestigious AP Capstone program are more likely to be evaluated by top-tier colleges. The program will equip students with strong communication skills and a higher level of thinking.

Also, CHS does not require AP Capstone students to create a Senior Project.

AP Capstone is a serious two-year dedication that is for students ready to apply themselves to professional research. The program presents multiple advantages to put students a step ahead of the game for college.


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