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Basketball Senior Night

On January 27th, the seniors of the CHS basketball teams and the basketball cheer team were celebrated between the girls' and boys’ games.

During the boys' basketball game halftime, the cheer team delighted the audience with a halftime show.

The seniors on the boys' basketball team include Nnonye Marcus, Jaquan Clark, Jackson Belyn, Antonio Lowe, and Bradley Smith.

“My favorite part of playing basketball at CHS is being with my teammates,” Lowe explains.

Marcus stated his favorite part of basketball is, “when I hit a three and do the mop.”

The girls’ basketball team does not have any seniors this year, but the CHS cheer team has eight!

The basketball cheer team celebrated Vanessa Pepper, Lauren Cruickshank, Saphira Etienne, Kendall Anderson, Madison Rowe, Kassandra Jordan, Marissa Byrd, and Abby Gwan-Nulla.

Pepper, a co-captain of the cheer team, explained “I think becoming a co-captain has made me not just want to improve as a cheerleader but as a person.”

Jordan has been cheering since 9th grade and loves “building a sisterhood with my cheer sisters as well as forming a bond with cheerleaders from other schools.”

“My favorite part of cheering over the years is cheering at games where the other team’s cheerleaders are there and the game is close. The energy in the gym is so high!” Rowe recalls.

“This last season has honestly been one I’ll never forget!” Gwan-Nulla explains, “The love I have for my teammates is so big. We make each other better.”

As captain of the cheerleading team, Anderson shares, “I have gotten much closer with my cheer sisters and I have really enjoyed leading the team.”

Taylor has been on the cheer team for all four years. She explains, “Being on the basketball cheer team the past four years has taught me more than I could ever imagine. The friendships made, the bonding moments, and the excitement of the basketball games are all things that I will miss deeply.”

Etienne has been on the team since freshman year. Looking back she recalls, “One of my favorite moments was freshman year when we had a pizza-and-wings-end-of-the-season sleepover in the cheerleading gym!”

Overall, the night was a success with a 56-48 win against Carver. The school wishes the seniors the best of luck moving forward.


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