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CHS Hosts a Club for Fellow Bibliophiles

Student book-lovers come together every other Wednesday to indulge in a book discussion.

Dr. Scott is the sponsor of the Book Club and Emma Hardin is the president.

Scott agreed to sponsor the Book Club because she has sponsored three book clubs in the past and really enjoyed it.

“I am excited to see CHS students interested in being excited about reading and discussing books with their peers,” Scott explained.

Hardin had wanted to put together Book Club since her sophomore year, but due to COVID-19, her aspiration was, unfortunately, put on hold.

“I wanted to start a club that would help me and others find time to read along with being able to discuss books leisurely outside of a classroom,” Hardin explained, “This club will give members an opportunity to talk and bond over a shared interest that they might not normally discuss.”

Book Club gives students an opportunity to discuss books based on genre or topics. The Book Club is a partnership with the North Columbus Branch of Chattahoochee Valley Libraries. The public library staff will do book talks, literary activities, and share library updates and resources with the students.

Hardin doesn’t want Book Club to be stressful; if a reader doesn’t finish reading part of the book, or if they have to miss a meeting, it is completely alright.

“I want this club to be fun and relaxing as a place to hang out with mutual friends and to discuss something we all love. We’d love to have you if you’re interested!” Hardin exclaimed.

The readers choose one to two books or themes per month and read on their own. Readers will choose to either read one book collectively, or choose multiple books from the same genre or theme. During the meetings, officers will present prepared discussion questions for the readers to effectively discuss the book.

“I’m excited to read books from different genres from what I typically read, which is one of the goals of book club: to broaden our reading horizons and expand our reading circle,” Hardin said.

Meetings will be held in the library and possibly the courtyard. Breakfast is a possibility if the club meets outside.

The first meeting will be held during fourth period on Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021. The students interested will come during their lunch time. Normally, the Book Club meets every other Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. in the Media Center to discuss the books that the group has been reading. Upcoming meetings have been scheduled for October 20th, November 3rd, and November 17th.

“Students can join at any time throughout the year by joining the Remind with the code @e8k89kb and filling out the information form at the link:,” Hardin concluded.


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