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CHS Takes On Visual Arts

CHS students enter their artwork into competitions and become one step closer to their dream: inspiring others.

Art students from CHS entered their work into All State. The winners included Maddie Greenwood, Alexa Clements, and Vivian Hostetter.

Left to Right: Vivian Hostetter, Alexa Clements, and Maddie Greenwood

For the Georgia State Fair, Abbey Haines and Madison Frady took the win for CHS. The submissions were accepted on September 22 of 2021.

Abbey Haines (left) and Madison Frady (right).

Art Reflections were collected in October and the theme was “I will change the world by…”. The categories included dance choreography, film production, music, literature, photography, and visual arts. CHS had many winners, and specifically in the Visual Arts category, Emma McClure, Patricia Brown, and Yuchan Cho have advanced to the next level. The Governor’s Honors Semi-finalists for visual arts included Noah Graff and Stacie Smith.

CHS students also entered their work into the Scholastic Art and Design competition and NAHS Juried Exhibition.

Upcoming competitions include Audubon (Oxbow Meadows), Science Without Borders (global competition), Capital Art Exhibit, and Annual Congressional Art Competition. CHS is also having an Art Show with submissions due February 21-28.

Mrs. Brand and the rest of Columbus High are very excited to see more artwork to come!


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