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Data Analysis in Real Life: The Statistics Olympics

From Wednesday, March 23rd, to Friday, April 1st, Mr. Phillips' Accelerated Pre-Calculus Classes participated in the Statistics Olympics.

"The students had to create their own game and get 100 students to play. Once they have all of their data collected they had to analyze the results [by calculating] the 5 number summary, standard deviation, variance, z-score, plot box and whisker plots, histograms, dot plots, and a bell curve for their data," explained Mr. Phillips

"Then students had to interpret these representations and describe what the significance of the graphs are and why they are useful for data dispersion," he adds.

The intention of these projects is to teach students about data analysis, which Phillips describes as "one of the most real-life applicable subjects taught in math."

"It's more engaging than taking a test," remarks junior Heli Patel, who did her project on the game Chubby Bunny. She and her partner Nupur Patel (11) found how many marshmallows participants could fit in their mouths while still being able to say "chubby bunny."

Bubble Trouble

Emerson Brannen (11) and Natalie Garrett (11) time Joon Park (11) to determine how long it takes him to blow a bubble from chewing gum.

Stacy Smith (10) begins the Bubble Trouble challenge.

Spot the Difference

Tulsi Desai (12) plays Spot the Difference for Riya Ben's (11) Pre-Calc Project. Riya made this project with Kelly Tran (11) and Irene Cheon (10). The objective was to measure how long it takes to find five differences in two similar images.

Reaction Test

John Cady (12) participates in Sahil Patel's (11) and Jonah Trombley's (11) Pre-Calc project. The object is to test participants' reaction time.

Doll Dress Up

Gaby Mieles (12) dresses a barbie doll for Lillian Robinson's (10) and Stacy Smith's (10) Pre-Calc project which determines the average time it takes participants to completely dress a barbie doll.


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