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Gearing Up for the Holiday Social

By: Lucile Choudhury

Holiday Social is right around the corner, just in time to celebrate the holidays! On December 14th at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center, students will gain valuable insight into event etiquette, hear from distinguished seniors, and listen to our very own chorus perform harmonious melodies.

This year’s theme is Winter Wonderland, so hold tight and prepare yourselves for a glimpse into a snowy fantasy! 

Holiday Social aims to teach students about proper etiquette and learn lessons about how to behave at elegant gatherings.

The CHS Magnet Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Henderson, voices that the main purpose of this event is to “give everyone experiences in social settings” and “prepare for life after high school.”

Henderson explains that Holiday Social is a gathering that gives teenagers insight into experiences they would not usually undergo in their younger years.

She goes on to state that in many instances in her career, Henderson had to teach herself etiquette, and that the Holiday Social would have been beneficial to her.

All things etiquette considered, Holiday Social takes into account a plethora of other components that would be handy in these situations. This event requires students to plan for professional attire that brings about a respectful appearance.

Polite behavior is also an expectation that the CHS faculty and staff look for in every student attending.

Full attention and support should be directed towards the speakers and entertainers at all times. Prior to entering, students should silence their cell phones and keep them away for the duration of the event.

In total, Holiday Social aims to teach bright students lessons that will last a lifetime. Students, prepare for a frosty night of entertainment and enlightenment!


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