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Homecoming Week Look-book

Highlights of CHS students from the 2021 Homecoming Week Dress-Up Days.

Ema Cheraisi (10), competition cheerleader Aleeya Hudson (10), and varsity football player Cameron Webb Rutherford (10) posed in the hallway. The students wore their sophomore class color: blue.

Pictured left to right: Law Flournoy (10), Rishi Polepally (10), Jack Brown (10), Jac Cummings (10), and Luke Miller (10) snapped a picture outside the cafeteria. The students dressed as teens for generation day.

Wilton Rosario (12) and CJ Williams (12) battled in the cafeteria courtyard before school. The boys dressed as Star Wars characters for character day.

From Left to Right: Rachel Pedrozo (10), Naomi Passamore (10), and Tyler Patterson (10) in the cafeteria courtyard. Pedrozo and Passamore were hugging the Pillsbury Doughboy, Patterson, for character day.

Seniors, Max Patrick and Eli Hardegree posed in Dr. Garner's room. They dressed up as Brennan and Dale from the movie Stepbrothers for Character Day.

Ryleigh Martin (12) and Lilly Booker (12), take a picture in the parking lot before school. They dressed as Alice Cullen and Bella Swan from Twilight's New Moon for Character Day.

Juniors, Lillian Avis and Lyssa Harris, take a picture in the cafeteria on Character Day. They dressed as Dory and Nemo from the Disney movie Finding Nemo.

Freshman, posed in the cafeteria courtyard after the Homecoming Pep Rally. Showing their class spirit by wearing their class color: orange.

From Left to Right: Tanisha Prasade, Richna Kristian, Neha Thirupithi, Anjali Garlaparty, and Megan Taylor; take a picture in the cafeteria courtyard after school. Dressed as the Mystery Gang characters from Scooby-Doo for Character Day.

Charlie Hearn (12), dressed as an old man for Generation Day. He completed his outfit with a wig and beard, over his mask.

From Left to Right: Kai'liah Hill(10), Tyler Patterson (10), Naomi Passamore (10), Rachel Pedrozo (10), and Kelly Tran (10) took a picture in the cafeteria before school. They were dressed up as parents for Generation Day, complete with babies and pregnant bellies.

Sophomores: Mj Berry, Carlos Bellavista, Kayla Molina, and Mya Thomas, pose as the characters from the tv show Outerbanks for character day.

Freshman: Tray Coleman, JC Bush, Ally Lofton, Tj, Megan Taylor, Jaelyn Bell, and Kierra Walton, show their school spirit during Homecoming week by participating in Character day; completing the look with wigs, masks, and hats.

Sophomores: Juliana Maddox, Jayla Ceaser, Nikedriona Keys, Mia Lazalde, Chandler D. Saunders, Rya Bell, Carlos Bellavista, Dani Ahouelete, and Saanvika Chanda, dress up as different planets for Space Out day during Hoco Week.


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