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Kicking off His Senior Year: Bridger Jones

Columbus High School senior, Bridger Jones, a dedicated kicker, and wide receiver, continues to dominate his senior year.

Although he has only been playing since eighth grade, Jones is no stranger to the field.

“It’s been my favorite sport for as long as I can remember,” stated Jones.

This deep-rooted love for football has taught Jones countless lessons, ranging from leadership and dedication to the importance of having a connection with Christ.

What makes an excellent player?

“Grit, straight grit, you have to want to win more than your opponent. Also, finding your identity in Christ rather than the sport is a necessity to being successful,” Jones replied.

Bridger Jones defines success as “Dante Johnson and JP Powell."

Both JP Powell and Dante Johnson, “Took the terrible plate they were handed and [made] something out of it.”

Jones has had many accomplishments throughout his dedication to football the last couple of years; one of his more prominent accomplishments that he is appreciative of is, as stated, “The fact that God gave me the gifts that I have and gave me the ability to go out and play football on Friday nights- pretty simple.”

Furthermore, Bridger Jones is taking on the challenge of playing an entirely different position this year. For the 2021-2022 football season he has begun to play wide-receiver along with continuing his position as the CHS kicker.

“Playing an entirely new position is something I am not used to and will definitely have to adjust to,” Jones explained.

Jones also states that he is very fond of football being a team-based sport because “the feeling of being able to enjoy something with a group of people and succeeding really is such a great feeling.”

He then describes this as, “the single greatest feeling . . . pure energy.”

After graduating from Columbus High School, Bridger Jones plans to continue playing in college, while majoring in business and minoring in marketing until he can establish his own business.


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