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Meet One of Our Newest Math Teachers: Mrs. Saldaña

Oriana Nixon

Mrs. Saldaña is a new CHS Blue Devil faculty member currently teaching Geometry and

Advanced Finite Math.

Mrs. Saldaña was born in Trujillo, Peru, and was able to pursue her math career after receiving a fully paid scholarship from the Spanish Government.

Luckily, Mrs. Saldaña was able to finish studying for her career in the United States, where she took courses at the University of California, Davis, the Ohio State University as well as the

University of Georgia. During this time period she taught children in elementary school (when she was living in CA) and even college students (when she was living in Athens, GA). Later, she taught at Pacelli and is now teaching here.

According to Melina Saldaña, “Coming to Georgia is probably the best thing that has ever

happened to me”.

Nevertheless, things were not always so easy for Mrs. Saldaña.

“It was hard adjusting to such a different environment. Especially because my English was not very strong”. Although she believes her English is not perfect, she believes that she is getting there.

“My co-workers really helped me transition into this new environment. I do not know what I

would have done without them” says Mrs. Saldaña.

One of the reasons why Melina Saldaña wanted to join CHS was because she heard many

positive things about the faculty and staff as well as the students that were accepted (not to

mention, her daughter is a current CHS Blue Devil).

Melina Saldaña says she is so lucky to be a part of this great community where children are

eager to learn and teachers love their job.

Overall, Mrs. Saldaña is thrilled with the idea of teaching bright young minds and has high

hopes for all her students. Melina Saldaña says, “I feel so lucky to work here, go Blue Devils!”


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