• Ariel Tull

Once a Blue Devil, Always a Blue Devil: Mrs. Cavanaugh

Morgan Cavanaugh is Columbus High School’s newest literature teacher. With a classroom full of bright students, Cavanaugh is enthusiastic to be teaching the subject she adores.

Cavanaugh graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Secondary English Education. With a heart for writing and reading, a degree in English was the most obvious choice for Cavanaugh.

After receiving her degree, Cavanaugh wasted no time going into the teaching field. Cavanaugh spent her time teaching English at Arnold Magnet Academy for a year, and Floyd Middle School for another two years.

This year at Columbus High marks Cavanaugh’s fourth year in the classroom. Yet, this is not the first time Cavanaugh has been through the halls of Columbus High.

“I previously attended Columbus High School, so that was part of the draw to come back,” she explained.

Cavanaugh teaches literature for ninth grade students at Columbus High. She holds high regards towards her students, encouraging them to express themselves and allowing them to strive in her classroom.

“The kids are great; they're very involved and ask a lot of interesting questions with new perspectives I sometimes have not thought of, which is always fun!”

Cavanaugh is appreciative of her coworkers and has positive expectations for her career at Columbus High.

Outside of the classroom, Cavanaugh spends time with her family.

Cavanaugh is married to her husband, a structural engineer, and has a daughter of nineteen months. Cavanaugh finds joy in her role as both a teacher and a mother and works diligently to manage both jobs.

With previous teaching experience and a love for the school, Cavanaugh will have no trouble adjusting to the CHS environment and continuing to be outstanding in her work.


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