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Ready, Set, Go: CHS's 2023 Powderpuff Volleyball Tournament

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

On Thursday, March 15, CHS hosted its third annual Powderpuff Volleyball Tournament. Hosted by Coach Parker and the Investment Club, proceeds from the game go towards CHS's Alumni Association.

Similar to Powder Puff Football, Powder Puff Volleyball consists of all-male teams coached by the Lady Blue Devils Volleyball Team. No prior experience is required for the players.

"I heard some friends talking about it…and they said there was an open gym so I was like, 'why not?'" shares sophomore player Lucas Cahow.

"Volleyball's just one of those sports that you can just go out and jump in and play, even if you're not good; it's just fun like that. And so, it's like they're having fun. And then, when one of them actually gets a hit or a good serve they wanna do it more and more" explains senior coach Ella Grace Walls.

The tournament itself consisted of three rounds in which the team who won two out of three matches proceeded to the next level.

The first round was the juniors against the freshmen, with the juniors winning. The second round was the seniors versus the sophomores, with the seniors coming out on top. After a consolation bracket between the sophomores and freshmen, the nail-biting final match between the juniors and seniors began.

In the first bracket, seniors won 25-18. Yet in the second bracket, the juniors were able to make a comeback, winning 29-27. Finally, the class of 2024 won 15-12 in the final bracket, securing their title as Powderpuff Volleyball Champions.

The players attribute dedication and focus to their success this year.

"I feel like last year when we were sophomores, there was a lot of running around and [we were] not really paying attention. With the people that we have and who have consistently shown up to practice, I feel like there's been a lot of improvement," says junior player Luke Miller.


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