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Robotics Team Breaks State Record at District Competition

CHS’s Robotics team went undefeated at the competition, broke a Georgia State record, and won the Engineering Inspiration award, meaning the robotics team had the best built robot at the competition.

The FIRST Robotics Competition requires students to program robots that participate in a challenging field game. The competition puts students in situations similar to real-world engineers.

“It was a lot of fun, and it was definitely a learning experience!” exclaimed sophomore Arha Gandhi, a scout lead for the team.

The team had 21 matches and did not lose any, which breaks the Georgia State record since no one has ever won undefeated at an event.

The Robotics team competed with their robot, Pyxis, which the team built over the six-week build season. There were 25 teams present from all over Georgia that the team’s robot went against.

“The team was amazing, and it was so inspiring to see everyone work [together],” says Maggie Fontaine, a member of the pit team in Robotics.

As a senior, Maggie Fontaine was also very excited to compete in an in-person competition again.

The Robotics team has one more district competition this weekend, with the state competition over Spring Break.


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