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The Sky is the Limit: Science Club

Science Club is a club that exposes students to scientific concepts in a fun and interactive way.

The club’s organizer, Pranati Yaldlapalli, a senior at Columbus High School, states that the goal of the large coterie is to “Foster an appreciation for science, especially outside of the classroom, which is done through hands-on experiments, speaking with guests who are well settled in the field of science, and learning more about aspects of science that interest others.”

Science Club has made itself known throughout the Columbus High community, with flyers posted around the school with information about the club, and the wide varieties of unique activities members can participate in.

Yaldlapalli also has also acknowledged that she has big plans for the future of the club, including having club members work as tutors for students and work with the Columbus community in scientific and environmental activities.

She also stated that “Science Club is a club that really works on furthering student ambitions in many different fields, and their passion for science...the sky is the limit.”


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