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The Stats on AP Statistics

AP Statistics is a college level math course offered to Juniors and Seniors that teaches students to collect, analyze, and draw conclusions from data. The class allows students to understand statistics at a deeper level and utilize tools such as writing, problem solving, and technology.

Students interested in AP Statistics are required to have taken Pre-Calculus and must have a teacher recommendation.

AP Statistics is recommended for students who are fairly strong in the subject of math and are willing to challenge themselves. This course’s workload is fairly light, with most assignments being completed in class and a smaller amount of homework.

The class work includes both individual and group assignments, such as group quizzes and projects. Students often work together to come up with solutions for problems presented in class.

“AP Statistics makes you think about worldly things differently,” Bella Valentine (10) reflected.

One of the largest portions of the class is dedicated to writing. It is necessary for students to practice their writing skills for the AP Statistics exam, which consists of six FRQs and forty multiple choice questions.

According to Mr. Parker, the AP Statistics teacher, 80% of the students taking AP Statistics pass the exam with a score of three or higher. With such an impressive success rate, AP Statistics is a popular class.

Taking and passing the AP Statistics exam will benefit nearly all college majors.

Entering college with an AP Statistics credit will automatically give a student the upper hand. Knowing how to properly collect and use data for assignments and projects in college is necessary.

Mr. Parker states, “I have heard the same thing from students over and over again- that this is the first math class where you will use almost everything we talk about.”

AP Statistics is also beneficial for students enrolled in the AP Capstone Program. AP Research and AP Statistics pair well together, and both the classes focus on similar strong points in research and data.

AP Statistics is an excellent choice for any student eager to pave the way to data and research in college.


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