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A New Beginning: Senor Vargas

Senor Vargas, the Spanish ll instructor at Columbus High School (CHS), has been working at CHS since February 2021. Throughout his journey with the CHS community, he has brought out the best in his students and the faculty around him.

Did you work anywhere before joining CHS as a teacher? Previously, I was in a corporate environment. While it was rewarding in its own way, I have to say that being an educator is rewarding in what I feel are much more meaningful ways. I have always wanted to go into education, but my parents (who, surprisingly, were also educators), persuaded me to go into something different. I am happy I changed, however.

What surprised you about CHS? Truthfully, what surprised me the most about this school was the students’ dedication and their positive attitudes. I knew CHS was a great school, and it absolutely has some great students.

Do you have any hobbies? In my spare time, I love reading and writing.

What is your favorite part about the CHS community? My favorite part of the CHS community is the amazing student body! I have never worked at a school where all the students are motivated to learn and to better themselves and their world. I know that our students will be doing remarkable things for our world.

What have you, or what do you plan to contribute to the CHS community? I do plan on contributing and sharing my sense of diversity and Hispanic cultures with the school. Our school is very diverse (also one of the things that I love about it), and I believe that I can help our school continue to appreciate and value its diversity.


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