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New Teacher in C-Town: Mrs. Purvis

Macayla Henderson

This year Columbus High has gained a new member of its staff; her name is Mrs. Autumn Purvis, and she is the new art teacher that is the sponsor for Debate and Speech, Art Club, and National Art Honor Society (NAHS).

Mrs. Purvis has been teaching for eleven years with the 2022-23 school year being her twelfth year. She recently came from Richards Middle School which is located here in Columbus, GA, about six minutes away from Columbus High.

“I saw that the position was open, and I’ve been interested in becoming a high school art teacher again,” Purvis remarks.

She said that she experienced teaching high school classes several years ago, and she wanted to relive that adventure. She explains that her experience so far at CHS has been really great.

“I really love it, I think that the culture here is really fantastic. All of my students are really cool, and so far everything has been going really well.”

Right now, Mrs. Purvis and the Art Club are working on decorations for homecoming with the

theme being “Starry Night”. She is ecstatic to do more activities like this and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her at Columbus High.


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