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La Nueva Llegada: Sra. Mendez

Jacob Sanford

This year, Columbus High School has welcomed a new Spanish teacher into its ranks. Señora Alice Mendez has started her first year teaching at CHS.

Sra. Mendez teaches both Spanish I and Spanish II to students. She has been teaching the Spanish language for five years in total, teaching at Richards Middle School in Columbus prior to coming to CHS this year.

Sra. Mendez attended Valdosta State University, where she received her undergraduate degree, and she got her master's degree from Auburn University.

When asked why she decided to become a Spanish teacher, she responded, "I love the Spanish language. I also love sharing cultural knowledge about the many Spanish- speaking communities that exist in the world."

In the near future, Sra. Mendez plans to further improve the Spanish program at CHS and provide the opportunity to learn for people of all skill levels. She also wants to create intrigue for newcomers, so they can enjoy the Spanish language and culture beyond just school.

Sra. Mendez has greatly enjoyed her time at Columbus High so far. She said, “I love the sense of community and family that comes with being a part of CHS".

Teaching is not the only thing Sra. Mendez has contributed to the CHS community, however. She is also a co-sponsor of the Spanish Club at CHS. The Spanish Club provides lessons about Spanish culture for all students at CHS.

Sra. Mendez also has a wonderful life outside of her job at CHS. She loves traveling with her husband, Sr. Torres, another Spanish teacher at CHS. She also likes going on walks with her dog, Bex.


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