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A Spotlight on the ThesCon of 2022

Students await the opening ceremony of 2022 Thespian Conference. Over one thousand Thespians participated in the conference this year.

The 2022 Thespian Conference, better known as ThesCon, was held from February third to the fifth in the Columbus Trade Center. This single weekend held a large amount of importance for the Thespians of Columbus High School.

At the ThesCon, students from all branches of theater were able to come together for a multitude of theatrical opportunities.

The 2022 ThesCon featured musical performances, like "Spamalot." Such performances gave students a chance to view professional theatrical work in action.

The conference hosted several theater workshops to help Thespians enhance their skills. Within these workshops, students were able to write, act, and learn about the fundamental aspects of Theater.

ThesCon is not just a place for theatrical workshops and plays, though. The large conference allowed students to audition for scholarships and find potential job interests for a future outside of high school.

According to Ms. Giles, “It is worth it to be a Thespian just to have the opportunity to go to this conference.”

Ms. Giles is the supervisor of the Thespian Society of Columbus High. In order to attend events like the Thespian Conference, a student must be an inducted member of Thespian Society.

The Thespian Society is a group of students who are interested in everything involving theater.

The society starts with a meeting at the beginning of the year. Within this meeting, students elect leadership positions such as President and Vice President. Once the leaders are elected, official meetings are held twice a month.

In these meetings, the Thespians plan fundraisers and volunteer opportunities, along with scheduling bonding events to bring together the theatrical part of the student body.

In the future, the Thespian Society aims to offer workshops on acting skills such as improvisation for theater. The society is continuously growing and creating fun, new aspects for Thespians.

“[Thespian Society] is a great way to network, learn new skills, and make friends,” Ms. Giles said.

Students interested in joining the Thespian Society can go to the interest meeting at the beginning of the next school year, or speak with Ms. Giles in room 112.

From technical stage hands to aspiring actors and actresses, Thespian Society works to develop and support the talents of students at Columbus High.


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