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A Twenty Three Year Legacy: Mr. McDaniel

Mr. McDaniel, a veteran instructor at Columbus High School (CHS), is reaching the end of his 23 year journey at CHS. He is many things: a famed golf coach, AP Spanish teacher, and Spanish III teacher. In addition, he has left a positive mark on CHS which will serve as an excellent example to future teachers for the many years to come.

1. Did you teach anywhere before you began teaching at CHS? I taught Spanish and coached different sports at Salem High School in Rockdale County outside of Atlanta, GA.

2. What's the thing that surprised you earlier on in your career, about CHS? The first thing that surprised me about CHS was that there were a lot of Auburn fans here! I was also surprised about how popular the fried chicken in the cafeteria was!

3. Do you have any hobbies outside of teaching? I enjoy fishing and being with my family.

4. What's your favorite thing about CHS? The students, their willingness to learn everything they can, and the respect they have for their teachers. It is amazing.


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