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A Word at a Time: Ms. Mills

Ms. Lisa Mills, an instructor of AP English Language and Composition and AP Research, has taught at Columbus High School (CHS) for 12 years. She is known for her energetic personality and her diligent style of teaching.

Martin Burns, a junior at Columbus High School, added to this point, "Ms. Mills is an excellent teacher. She inspired me to reach for the stars with my writing capabilities!"

Ms. Mills herself has acknowledged that her favorite thing about the students at CHS is that they are "intelligent hard workers who are motivated to learn." In addition, she has also stated that she enjoys CHS mainly because of the students and the energy and personality they add to her classes.

When asked what she wishes to contribute to CHS in the foreseeable future, she replied, "I hope to keep teaching students to become better and more advanced writers as I believe writing is a lifelong skill. I also hope to inspire research students to continue research opportunities in college - which several of my former students have already done. As a teacher, I feel like I am contributing to the future as you never know how far something you have taught will reach or what impact you may have."


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