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Bonjour from Down the Hall

On the second floor of Columbus High, Jean-Paul Diatta stands in front of a full class, teaching students the language that means the most to him, French.

This is Diatta’s third year teaching at CHS. He chose Columbus High because he knew the students would be excited to learn and would appreciate learning the language.

“When I applied I didn’t know much about the school, but when I looked up Columbus High, I was excited about the job,” Diatta explained.

So far, Mr.Diatta enjoys the people at CHS the most. He enjoys that the students are kind and always walk into class ready to learn.

“[The students] are goal-oriented and want to succeed. In addition, CHS is quite an amazing place and I enjoy its historic building!” Diatta exclaimed.

Diatta is originally from Senegal, West Africa and French is his first language. Mr.Diatta chose to teach French because he is passionate about the language. He wanted his students to learn and love the language as he does.

Formerly, Diatta was a French instructor with the National Language Service Corps, based in Virginia. He also taught English as a second language in a private, non-profit high school in Dakar, Senegal while attending the Department of Modern Arts and Humanities at the University Cheikh Anta Diop.

As the school year progresses, Diatta wishes for things to return to normal, but until then, he will work as best he can to teach his students French.


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