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CHS 2023 Winter Concert

By: Macayla Henderson

On Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, the Choral Department at Columbus High School put on its annual Winter Chorus Concert at Evangel Temple.

The chorus concert was very successful with there being nearly a full house.

“Well it was fun as always and went amazingly and my favorite song was ‘Baby It's Cold Outside’ specifically because of the dance, but ‘White Winter Hymnal’ is a close second,” remarked Darius Carr (10)

Solos were performed by Seniors Alex Fontanez-Virella (12), Chole Smith (12), Jack Brown (12), Sam Wampler (12), Austin Horne (12), Carson Tomlinson (12), Tiffany Le (12), and Miles Graham (12).

“I thought it was pretty cool because of the amount of people that came to support it. Also, the audience participation was fantastic” remarked Sam Wampler (12).

Kayla Molina (12) and Bella Valentine (12) also did a duet singing “O Holy Night.”

“I really enjoyed it. It had a good repertoire and was the best concert I've had at CHS” said Bella Valentine (12).

And a beautiful dancing solo was done by Selina Lin (12).

Myra Tull (10) stated: “I loved it! Everybody was really fantastic and everyone looked like they really enjoyed it,” she adds “and it looked like everyone practiced well!”

In case you missed the concert the choral department will also be performing some of their songs at Holiday Social on Thursday , December 14th.


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