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CHS at the 2023 All State Chorus Performance

Seventeen Columbus High School students were selected to participate in the Georgia All State Chorus performance at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia. The event began on the 16th and went through the 18th, lasting three days.

The Georgia All State Chorus event serves as an opportunity for talented student singers across Georgia to come together and perform as one. During the event, there were four choral performances for the high school level.

Each performance was presented by a different choir, and the groups of singers were sorted by experience and grade level.

The four choirs were the Senior Men (9th-12th), Senior Women (9th-12th), Ninth and Tenth grade mixed, and Eleventh and Twelfth grade mixed. Participating CHS students were distributed across these groups.

The Senior Men's choir sings. Each performance had around seven songs, lasting nearly an hour.

Although the Georgia All State Chorus performance is not a competition, there were competitive aspects to the auditioning process. In order to be selected for the Georgia All State Chorus, choir students go through two audition processes.

The first audition process consists of memorizing an Italian solo piece and performing it for a panel of judges. Next, the choir students are asked to “sight read '' three musical pieces.

Sight reading is the process of performing music without preparation, meaning that the singers did not get to see the pieces beforehand.

After the intensive first half, the second process of auditioning is a memorization test to ensure that the choir student is well-equipped to perform the selected music.

The audition process for the Georgia All State Chorus performance is meant to ensure that the students participating are all of extraordinary talent. Aubrie Melling, a sophomore who participated in the performance, regards the experience as “truly magical.”

“I love how people just as passionate as I am about music came from all over the state to sing together,” states Melling (10).

The Georgia All State Chorus performance allowed Columbus High Students to display their hard work and dedication amongst their peers. Hosted annually, the CHS choir awaits their chance to perform next year.

The CHS students selected for Georgia All State Chorus. During their stay at Athens, the singers rehearsed for hours to prepare for the performance.


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