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CHS Athlete Ranks #1 in 4A for High Jump: Megan Taylor

Columbus High School freshman, Megan Taylor, ranked as #1 in 4A for the state in high jump, with a new PR of 5-0.400 at the Christian Taylor Invitational this past Saturday.

This big achievement did not come easy though. Taylor practices every day, varying between running, jumping, and core.

Taylor has had many accomplishments, such as developing and making many changes as an athlete from learning to work for results, to knowing when to continue, and when to take a break.

She currently competes in the 4x400, 4x200, and 300-meter hurdles, as well as high jump for the CHS team. In addition, outside of the CHS team, Taylor competes in the 200m, 400m, and long jump.

According to Taylor, the CHS team has a very supportive environment and the runners consistently push each other to do their best for themselves, as well as for the team.

Many teammates serve as models for the rest of the runners on the team by either teaching events, being supportive, or creating a welcoming atmosphere.

“ My coaches have created a space that makes me want to be there and do my best even when I'm having a bad day,” remarked Taylor.

Throughout her life, Taylor has always been able to count on her dad as her #1 supporter. In fact, he is one of the few athletes she looks up to, along with Sydney McLaughlin, Usain Bolt, and Jackie Robinson, who have all made history in their respective sports even when facing adversity. Her dad ran track in high school and steadily pushes her to do her best, not only on the field but in every aspect of life.

She describes an excellent track and field athlete as, “ not only being good in terms of winning and stats but also having a true love for the sport and being willing to work on their own time for it.”

Taylor has been in track and field for around four years now and plans to continue working towards improving in order to carry on with track during college.


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