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CHS Student Council Election Results

At CHS, the Student Council Elections are over and the results are in!

Posters, stickers, campaigning, and taglines filled the halls and student body.

The voting took place on Thursday, August 26th during homeroom for all grades.

For each class, 8 representatives are chosen as well as 5 officer positions chosen from the 32 member panel. With an average of 15 nominees per class, the student body had a tough time choosing their nominees.

The student council will work to help organize school functions such as the blood drive, school dances, and working with administration to voice student opinions and suggestions.

The 2021 Student Council Representatives are:


Issac Cheon

Eva Cheraisi

Janiah Davis

Lennon Graham

Fiza Khan

Tru Marsh

Shakthi Senthilnathan

Pranati Yadlapalli


Lauren Baker

Kaya Basnet

Kevin Doctor

Saphira Etienne

Emily Lorentz

Neha Nakirikanti

Kelly Tran


Rya Bell

Miles Graham

Anna Jung

Tanay Pathakamuri

Anuj Tandon

Sydney Williams

Zion Wright

Parker Young


Charlotte Jolley

Safa Khan

Jing Lin

Tressa Marsh

Jay Patel

Luke Pilgrem

Magan Taylor

Eden Walker

Social media was a huge part of the campaign process for candidates, and it has shown in this election. Sophomore candidates such as Sydney Williams and Zion Wright have grown to popularity through their social media presence.

“You can’t win an election without putting yourself out there and knowing your people,” said Sophomore, Zion Wright.

Senior representative, Eva Cheraisi, has been part of the student council since she was a freshman, and is eager to continue her involvement.

“Last year we couldn’t have one due to COVID, so it was really nice that I could have one last student council election before I graduate,” said Cheraisi.

Many students showed their creativity through creating campaign Instagram stories and helping nominees create their slogans.

Wright’s use of a social media campaign helped him secure the spot of Sophomore class representative.

Wright’s reasoning behind a more prominent social media campaign over the traditional, he said “I recognize that people my age couldn’t care less about posters, they want something that they can follow and is easy to get behind. That’s why I used social media to campaign, it was the most effective.”


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