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CHS Students Celebrate Halloweekend

Lindsey Owens (freshman) is dressed as Ruby Lane from Fear Street.

David Scott Livingston (freshman), Wilson Holland (sophomore), Korbin Reynolds (freshman) enjoying Halloween.

Elise and Emmie Jones dressed as Braves baseball players.

Dori Maley and Kira Adams as Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

From left to right: Kylie Reynolds, Mia Lazalde, and Ariana Gomez. At the top is Maddy Greenwood.

Claire Beeler (freshman) as Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants.

From left to right: Selina Lin, Lillian Robinson, Sydney Williams, and Mili Tavera. Lillian Robinson is dressed as Luigi from Mario Bros. and Sydney Williams is dressed as a bear.

Juliana Maddox and her siblings pass out candy and pumpkins.

Chloe Smith (sophomore) and Carson Tomlinson (sophomore). Chloe Smith is dressed as cowgirl and Carson Tomlinson is dressed Dwight Schrute from The Office.


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