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Coaching Her Way to the Top of the Pyramid: Christina Pelletier

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

After teaching science at Midland Middle School, Christina Pelletier comes to Columbus High School to dedicate her time to the Competition Cheer team.

Christina Pelletier is the competition cheer coach at Columbus High School. She has been coaching at CHS for 3 years now.

Pelletier is from Kennesaw, Georgia and she attended Columbus State University where she cheered for four years under Jimbo Davis.

“I love [Competition Cheer] and I love being a part of a's your family away from family,” Pelletier explained.

Caroline Lester, a Senior on Competition Cheer, said, “She is so sweet and supportive and will never let us down. She always pushes us to be our best."

Pelletier’s main goal for Competition Cheer is to create a positive experience that the Competition Cheer girls can look back upon.

Pelletier states, “Yes, winning Regionals and placing in the top four at State would be great but those are bonuses.”

Pelletier wants other students to know that the Competition Cheer team always keeps pushing and never gives up. She loves the team and is more than proud of them.

“I absolutely love and adore this team, they are one of the hardest working teams I know,” Pelletier exclaimed.


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