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Columbus High's Got Talent -- Results from CHS Talent Show

On Friday, February 11th Columbus High's Student Council hosted a school-wide talent show.

Being the first talent show hosted in two years, there was a lot of demand for the show, which was produced by CHS Student Council.

The winners of the show were as follows:

3rd Place - Lucas Laymon (12) - Nunchucks

2nd Place - Carson Tomlinson (10) and Tiffanny Le (10) - Singing "Therapy" from "tick, tick…BOOM!"

1st Place - Jackson McLaurin (9) - Singing "If I Could Tell Her" from "Dear Evan Hansen"

Lucas Laymon has been developing his nunchuck skills for over a decade.

"I’ve been doing nunchucks since I was five years old," reveals Laymon. "I was always the natural prodigy at the school in terms of nunchucks."

While Laymon had never participated in the talent show before, he performed this year because he "missed how it felt performing and competing as a kid."

"I haven’t felt that exhilarated in half a decade and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I heard the shriek of the crowd Friday night," he adds.

Second place winners Carson Tomlinson and Tiffany Le have been performing together since 6th grade and collaborated to come up with their performance idea.

"We wanted to choose a song that fit our voices well and would be something the audience could enjoy," reveals Tomlinson.

"We both entered not expecting to win and [we] were just having fun, so to win second was a big surprise and honor!" exclaims Le.

First place winner Jackson McLaurin is heavily involved in singing and theatre within the school.

"I have already gotten signatures to be in Chorus and Acting next year," he reveals. Outside of school, he is also involved in Springer Theatre Academy and CHS's spring musical: Into The Woods.

"Doing activities like these are beneficial because they help me get points to be inducted into GA Thespians. Also, they're really fun!" he adds.

McLaurin's performance was met with positivity from the entire auditorium. In fact,

the audience began cheering his name when he was announced as the first place winner.

"I felt so warm inside, could not stop grinning, and even almost cried," he admits.

"This is such an accomplishment for me, and I never expected to place first in my freshman year!"

McLaurin won $50 in Chick-Fil-A gift cards, Le and Tomlinson won $30 total, and Laymon won $15.

"I do want to say that everyone in the show worked very hard and [is] amazingly talented," praises Le. "I definitely think that all of us were winners that night!"


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