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Columbus High School Veteran's Day Ceremony

The Columbus High School JROTC Cadets prepare for the Veteran's Day Ceremony. Also shown are family, faculty, and other students waiting for the start of the program.

JROTC Cadet Keith Ussery tells the history of Veteran's Day and how it became a Federal Holiday. They also pay their respects to those that fought for the United States and thank them for their service.

Cadets Troy Tull and Georgia Jones place the wreath in front of the flagpole in honor of Veteran's Day. This is an annual tradition that the JROTC program does every year in observance of Veteran's Day.

Cadet Jace Trioche performs the National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. The cadets can be seen saluting and the audience members with their hands over their hearts.

Members of the Military Connections Program at CHS place the final poppies in the art installation. There are 300 poppies to symbolize the 300 students in the program

JROTC Cadets lead a parade from the front of the school to the armory. They march in unison carrying the Georgia and United States flags in honor of Veteran's Day.


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