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Columbus Receives All "1's" at District LGPE

The Columbus High School music department, including choir, orchestra, and band, attended the 2022 District 3 LGPE this month. The GMEA LGPE is an event hosted by the Georgia Music Educators Association every year in each district in Georgia. LGPE, or the Large Group Performance Evaluations, allows students and directors to receive feedback on different factors of their performance.

LGPE is graded on a scale of 1, being the best or superior, to 4, the lowest score. Each performance is evaluated by a panel of judges on the group's tone, stage behavior, music selection, performance skills, and sight-reading ability.

The Columbus High School Wind Ensemble, a portion of the band, performed at District 3 LGPE on March 17th. The wind ensemble performed 3 pieces for the judge's evaluation. Led by Mr.Milam, the band performed "Washington Post" by John Phillip Sousa, "The Witch and the Saint" by Steven Reineke, and "Glaciers" by Scott Director. The ensemble earned all 1's from the judges and 3 "clean sheets", or score sheets with all A's.

The String Orchestra performed at their LGPE on March 9th at Carver High School. The orchestra performed "Carpathia" by William Owens, "Forever Joyful" by Brian Balmages, and "All the Pretty Little Horses" by Carrie Lane Gruselle. Led by the orchestra director, Ms.Moody, the orchestra received mostly superior ratings for their performances.

Three different choirs from CHS, the Advanced Men's, Advanced Women's, and Advanced Mixed Chorus, participated in LGPE on March 16th.

Led by the new choir director, Mrs. Freeman, the Advanced Men's Choir performed "Zion's Walls" by Aaron Copland and "Abide with Me" by Henry Lyte. The Advanced Men's Choir received all 1's for their overall performance.

The Advanced Women's Choir performed "Las Amarillas" by Stephen Hatfield and "O Pastorelle, Addio" by Umberto Giordano. They received all 1's for their overall performance and in sight-reading.

Advanced Mixed Choir performed "O Magnum Mysterium" by Cesar Carillo and "My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord" by Moses Hogan. The Mixed choir also received all 1's for their performance securing an all 1's visit to District 3 LGPE for chorus.

The Columbus High School Music Department holds concerts regularly and participates in community events, so check the Columbus announcements or calendar for upcoming dates. There will also be a Fine Arts Night on March 31st in the Gym at 7:00 pm.


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