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Determined to Make a Difference: Mrs. Harper

A new addition to the Columbus High School faculty, Mrs. Monica Harper, is a woman determined to give her students the best education offered. Mrs. Harper is thrilled to be doing what she loves most: working to help students with disabilities to lead healthy and empowering lives.

Mrs. Harper has always had a calling to work with students with disabilites.

“I would not trade it for anything,” she expressed.

Mrs. Harper may be new to the CHS faculty, but she is not new to the field of teaching. Harper has twenty-six years of experience teaching Geometry and Algebra to students with disabilities.

This year at CHS, Harper teaches students in a program called #Ready4life. This learning program centers around life simulations to help prepare students with disabilities for employment and independent living.

Within this program, Mrs. Harper works to make the training unique to every student to better support their individual needs.

“I love to work in programs where I am making a difference.”

Mrs. Harper’s home life centers around her family, whom she loves dearly. Harper is happily married to her husband of twenty-two years. She has two sons, with her eldest being a student at the U.S. Naval Academy and her youngest a senior at Carver High school.

So far, Mrs. Harper has been very satisfied with her teaching experience at Columbus High School, and looks forward to the rest of the school year.

With a bright and joyful presence, Mrs. Harper is a light in and outside of the classroom as she teaches her students the necessities of life.


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