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Educating and Inspiring CHS students for 19 years: Mrs. Parker

According to Webster's dictionary, the definition of the word 'Teacher' is: "a person who provides education for pupils and students." Of course, from afar, the definition seems general, but when analyzed closely, one can detail that the definition also states that teachers inspire and guide their pupils to be the best versions of themselves, something invaluable to intellectual exploits, and problem-solving in the real world.

Mrs. Jane Parker is an example of this definition and has faithfully provided not only education, but also inspiration to CHS students for nearly two decades.

"My favorite thing at Columbus High is that the students here want to learn. They have their own aspirations; but overall, every student wants to learn, which is important for their endeavors and exploits in the future."

In addition to teaching math, Mrs. Parker has participated in the arrangement and organization of the yearly Open House production and heads up Beta Club.

Hannah Rosenstrauch, a student in Mrs. Parker's Honors Algebra II class acknowledged,

"Mrs. Parker makes sure that we know all of our class material, so no one ever leaves the classroom with questions."

August Mobley, another student in Mrs. Parker's Honors Algebra ll added, "The way Mrs. Parker teaches Algebra l concepts makes them more tangible than they were when I was in 8th grade."

Mrs. Parker's advice for future teachers: "Classroom management is something you need to get straight on day one. You need to set your expectations and have your students rise to meet them. Pass down what you have learned and your experiences to inspire them to be great."


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