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Into the Woods Is Fast Approaching

There are 20 actors/actresses (listed below) in this year's upcoming spring musical, Into the Woods.

Eric Brown, a member of Ensemble, said he is most excited to see the play finally come to life. As of now, the cast and crew are still in the blocking stage, so actors and actresses are learning their lines.

Brown explained that he plays the role of Steward, the prince’s right hand man. “He is a very comical character, and I love that I get to go over the top with all of his moments.”

Conner Howard, playing Florinda, exclaimed, “I’m excited to see [the play] come together with costumes; the full thing!”

Both Brown and Howard explained that One Act was such an amazing experience that it has influenced them to become a part of the Spring Musical, Into the Woods.

Charlie Hearn, as the Baker, is a senior this year and is excited to perform again since his freshman year.

“[The baker] gets to search for a way to get a family but then has to struggle with how the world becomes more dangerous as consequences ensue around him,” Hearn explained.

Anna White, as Jack, will be performing in her first CHS play this Spring. She explained that she is most excited to see the whole play come together.

“I love to sing and I’ve done Springer before, so I figured I’d try this!” Anna explained.

The Spring Musical will be performed on March 24th, 26th, and 28th from 7-10, with doors opening at 6:30.

Narrator/Mysterious Man

Walker Williams


Meera Srinivasan


Anna White

Jack's Mother

Maria Daza

The Baker

Charlie Hearn

The Baker's Wife

Kendall Simmons

Cinderella's Stepmother

Azia Sands


Conner Howard


Carolina Thompson

Little Red Riding Hood

Rosemary Gross

The Witch

Lexi Sherrer

Cinderella's Mother/Granny/Female Giant

Jocelyn Kirchen

Wolf/Cinderella's Prince

Carson Tomlinson


Jessica DiQuattro

Rapunzel's Prince

Trae Tolbert


Jackson McLaurin

Eric Brown

Tiffany Le

Vivian Hostetter

Emma Hardin


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