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JROTC and Art Students Lead School in Remembering Our Veterans

On Wednesday November 10th, CHS led by the JROTC celebrated the Veterans that have served and fought for the United States. JROTC cadets gathered to present a wreath and art piece in remembrance of those who served the military and those who still serve today.

There were four primary students involved in the event with Keith Ussery speaking for the event, Jace Tricoche performing the Star-Spangled Banner, Jason Rother presenting his poem on the poppies, and Maggie Harkrader giving a deeper insight into the process of making all 250-300 poppies that appear around the school.

Poppies were chosen because after World War 1, there was a place called Flanders Fields where nothing grew after a battle had taken place. Red poppies began to bloom there even though nothing else would, so these are seen as a symbol of hope and remembrance. This exhibit was inspired by the piece Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Paul Cummins, which included 888,246 ceramic poppies outside of the Tower of London in England.

Mrs. Brand stated “It is an honor for the military families, but we have all had a tough year. I see the regrowth and resilience in the students.”

“Art can speak things that words cannot so that is why we have decided to make this piece.”

A PowerPoint presentation was included that honored the faculty of the school who had either been involved in the military or who have had family members involved in the military. A few people included were faculty like Mr. Rosa, Mr. Moore, Dr. Scott, Mr. Forgie and others who have fought for the United States.

“We would like this program to grow; we are right next to Ft. Benning and so many students around school come from military families. We appreciate everyone's service, and so everyone should be recognized” LTC (R) Bolar commented.


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