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Kicking Off a New Tradition, Columbus High Hosts Inaugural Senior Kickball Tournament

Columbus High School celebrated the senior class of 2022 last week with a day full of fun in the sun.

While other students took their PSAT, the seniors participated in the Inaugural Senior Kickball Tournament at Randy Jordan Field.

The idea originated from Ms. Hill and Mrs. Catchings. They were wanting to come up with ways to make CHS more fun for the students.

“She suggested a ping pong tournament and I countered with kickball,” reflects Hill, “We both loved the idea and I wrote up a proposal and submitted it to admin. They loved the idea and we ran with it!”

Autumn Lopez (12) and Shivam Patel (12) play rock paper scissors to determine home-field advantage.

The single-elimination tournament consisted of 9 teams, each containing a gender difference of no more than 2. They could be made up of any 10 students in the senior class.

Teams went head-to-head all morning long, battling it out for bragging rights and the opportunity to face the faculty team.

Students took a break from the competition around lunchtime, treating themselves to Emerald’s BBQ and Tuesday's food trucks.

“I loved it [the food],” remarks Max Patrick (12), “Good options for a nice day spent outside.”

Following lunch, the Top 2 teams competed in the Championship Game. “The Dream Team”, led by Bridger Jones (12) and Justice Walton (12) came out victorious, winning by a score of 2-0.

The competition wasn’t over for them, though, as they had to prepare to play against the staff team, which was led by the likes of Mr. Phillips, Coach Day, and their other favorite teachers.

Students gathered around the field to witness their classmates go up against the staff. The Dream Team scored early, taking a 1-0 lead. And the score remained that way into the 7th and final inning.

In the middle of that inning, students began an “I Believe” chant, hyping up their team.

“Hearing everyone cheer as we played the teachers was awesome,” describes Bridger Jones (12), “it got me excited for sure.”

The chant backfired for the students, though, as the faculty team rallied back to tie the game 1-1.

The All-Teacher Team celebrates their victory; Back (Left to Right): Coach Lasseter, Mr. Swinehart, Mr. Diquattro, Mr. Phillips, Coach Day, Ms. Catchings, Mr. Torres, Mr. Casper; Front (Left to Right): Coach Mathis, Ms. Hefner, Coach McCoy

The stage was set for Coach McCoy who, on the very first pitch, kicked a walk-off single into right field to give the teachers a 2-1 victory.

Mr. Phillips describes the thrilling finish as “exhilarating, life-changing, invigorating, and above all else… well-deserved.”

The day’s fun was not limited to kickball. The baseball outfield was available to use for blankets, tents, chairs, and anything else they wanted to bring. Some students even used cones to reserve an area for football and ultimate frisbee.

“We didn’t play kickball but we still just had a great time talking and playing our own games,” explains Charlie Hearn (12).

Following the tournament, students reported to the cafeteria for an assembly regarding the purchasing of their caps and gowns.

“This is what being a Blue Devil is about,” expresses Mrs. Grier, “Maybe the class of 2022 can have a kickball tournament at their ten year reunion.”


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