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"Moore" Than Just a Math Teacher

The math department added a new member to its team this year, Mr. Christopher Moore. However, he does more than just teach math.

Moore joined the team as a Pre-Calculus and Geometry teacher, but he is also a wrestling coach for Columbus High.

Before becoming a teacher, Moore worked for KFC managing some of their locations. However, he realized that after becoming the Restaurant General Manager, he could no longer grow with the company and wanted to try something new.

Moore then joined the police force at the recommendation of a friend. He was a part of the police force for 4 years and was awarded Officer of the Month within his first year.

He then returned to KFC until he realized that he still loved teaching. “My overall goal is to help people,” says Moore, “I think I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, or I’ve just always wanted to help people.

Moore then attended the University of West Alabama and earned a master’s degree in secondary mathematics and a certificate for instructional leadership.

“I have always loved math,” says Moore, “to me, math teaches critical thinking skills and creates a bigger impact than other subjects.”

Moore is now in his 7th academic year of teaching and taught at both Central High School and Smiths Station Junior High School before joining the Blue Devil family.

Moore was the head wrestling coach of the 7th-9th graders at both Central and Smiths Station and collected a few undefeated seasons on his journey.

Along with being a full-time teacher at Columbus High School, he is also a part of Alabama’s Army National Guard as a military police officer, coaches his son’s baseball team, and is a coach for the Columbus wrestling team.

For the National Guard, he is currently training to be a lieutenant and is scheduled to have that position by next June.

Moore has been the coach of his son’s baseball team since his son began playing. “Coaching is all about being able to identify how to analyze the weaknesses and critique that,” says Moore, “that has definitely helped me in my teaching career because they are so similar.”

Since joining the Blue Devil Family, he has found a love for Columbus High. “It’s great,” says Moore, “I love the environment here, and it’s just as active here as at bigger schools.”

Moore truly showed his Blue Devil spirit after winning the homecoming door contest. Moore says that he can’t take all the credit as it was a “collective effort” from his homeroom, and he originally just “wanted something 3-D.”

Moore wants everyone to know that “I’m here to help anyone, and my door is always open.”


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