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Page One Nominees Announced

On Tuesday, November 30, thirteen Page One Nominees were announced during homeroom.

Art - Abigail Hanes

Athletics - Bridger Jones

Career and Technology - Maggie Fontaine

Citizenship - Tanner Nelson

Drama - Lexi Sherrer

English and Literature - Eva Cheraisi

Foreign Language - Nicki Howard

General Scholarship - Pranati Yadlapalli

Journalism - Eli Hardegree

Mathematics - Ray Toma

Music - Meera Srinivasan

Science - Paige Miller

Social Science - Mary McCoy

Page One Awards began in 1976, and are sponsored by the Ledger-Enquirer, the local newspaper of Columbus, GA. Thirteen high school seniors are nominated, one for each category.

From these thirteen nominees, one overall winner will be chosen from each category and will be awarded $1,000 and a Page One trophy. The winner in the journalism category will be awarded $1,500.

In order to be eligible for a Page One nomination, students self-nominate by submitting applications to the Page One Committee, which consists of teachers and faculty members.

"We look at, you know, the resume and how [students] respond to the questions on the application, and from there we make a decision on who we think is the best candidate," says School Counseling Director Dr. Porch.

Even though the award is for seniors only, underclassmen and juniors still have the opportunity to better their chances of being selected.

"[Page One is] looking to recognize students that made some contribution to their school and community, so I would advise any freshman, sophomore, junior, to focus on doing just that," Porch suggests.

Since there are thirteen different categories, students do not have to overextend themselves by excelling in each area and are encouraged to find ways to serve their communities in ways that relate to one specific category.

"If a student is interested in math, it would benefit them to explore opportunities that are aligned with that specific area, and then as they [. . . ] participate in activities in that particular category, [they should] look for ways that they can then spread that love and passion for math, or science, or whatever subject it is, to the school and through the community," he adds.

Citizenship nominee Tanner Nelson gives similar advice.

"As an underclassman or junior, [students] have more time to perfect their resume for a certain category. All in all, having a solid plan of action will be of utmost importance in trying to be nominated in a category," he reveals.

"Make sure that in anything you do, you employ a humble, giving mindset," advises English and Literature nominee Eva Cheraisi.

The most important factor in being nominated is expressed simply by Dr. Porch: "it's all about how students are serving others."


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