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Powderpuff Volleyball Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

On Saturday, April 30th, Columbus High will be hosting the 2nd Annual Boys Volleyball Tournament.

Organized by Coach Parker and Investment Club, the structure of the tournament is similar to Powderpuff football: the Lady Blue Devils Volleyball team will coach the players in order to prepare them for the game.

"We have been teaching the guys basic skills to lay the foundation of the sport," says sophomore coach Riley Yates.

"Passing mechanics, down ball steps, and getting them used to rules are some of the things we have introduced," she adds

"It's a different experience being coached by fellow students [rather than] actual coaches" reveals sophomore Rishi Polepally.

The Boys Volleyball Tournament was hosted once before in 2020, but came to halt due to COVID restrictions. Now that it is making its grand return, the format of the game is "exactly the same" as it was two years ago, according to Investment Club sponsor Coach Parker.

Additionally, the proceeds from this game will go to the CHS Alumni Endowment Fund.

"[This fund] has paid for every freshman and junior to take the PSAT for

about the last 7 years. It also aids students with financial needs in the area of breakfasts,

lunches, SAT fees, and AP exam fees. It has also helped academic clubs offset some of their

costs for competitions," Parker explains.

The event consists of one game between sophomores and juniors, then another between freshmen and seniors, and a final game between the two champions.

The first game starts at 6, the second match around 6:45, and the championship match around 7:30. Admission is $5 and concessions will be sold.


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