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Saving Lives: CHS Blood Drive

This past Wednesday, CHS student council sponsored the American Red Cross Blood Drive. The need for blood is constant, especially in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The donation saves people's lives with trauma conditions, surgeries, transplants, chronic illnesses, or cancer.

The entire process takes around 8-10 minutes at most. Jacklyn Tyrell (junior at CHS) stated, "It was quick and easy! The insertion of the needle felt like a tight pinch but nothing more. I am happy to assist in helping others."

Ian Deckard (junior at CHS) acknowledged, "I was a bit concerned at first, but the entire thing was fast, and I couldn't feel anything at all."

Blood Drives take place all over the nation, mainly in grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals to name a few.

However, in order to halt the spread of COVID-19, masks are required for donors and trained clinicians performing the donation process. In terms of mass gatherings and social distancing for blood donations at school and in public, the US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murphy clarified (at a Red Cross summit in Washington DC) that "Social distancing does not mean social disengagement. You can still go out and give blood, especially with the prospect of blood shortages in the future."


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