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Saying Goodbye to Three Amazing Teachers

Columbus High will be losing three very special teachers this year due to retirement: Mr. Forgie, Mr. McDaniel, and Mrs. Parker.

After retiring, Mr. Forgie plans on traveling more and spending time with his family. He has been teaching for seventeen years.

When explaining his favorite part of teaching, Mr. Forgie says, “Seeing the students mature and begin to have a better understanding of how and why things happen."

Forgie's favorite memory while here at CHS was being nominated for the Golden Apple Award, an award with WRBL to nominate special teachers in the community.

Mr. Forgie says that he will miss seeing “the students’ faces on their first and last day at CHS.”

Mr.McDaniel has been teaching at CHS since 1998. While at CHS, McDaniel coached Columbus High Softball and Girls Golf.

“I’ll be doing lots of traveling, playing golf, and art!” McDaniel says.

McDaniel comments that he will miss pep rallies, the CHS plays, and all the sports teams here at Columbus High.

Mrs. Parker will be retiring from CHS to continue her teaching career at a school in Alabama. Parker has been teaching for 30 years, with 19 at Columbus High.

Parker explains that she will miss the students here at CHS. Her favorite part about teaching is when a “Light Bulb Moment” occurs.

“It occurs when a student finally understands something that they have never understood in the past,” Parker remarks.

These three wonderful teachers will truly be missed.


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