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Scholarships and Soup: Page One Luncheon and Awards

Page One is a contest for students that involves 13 subjects. Columbus High School had six winners in a variety of categories this year.

The school celebrates Eva Cheraisi for winning in English Literature, Emily 'Nicki' Howard for winning in Foreign Language, Mary Christian Mccoy for winning in Social Studies, Paige Miller for winning in Science, Ray Toma for winning in Math, and last but not least, Pranati Yadlapalli for winning in General Scholarship.

Margaret "Maggie" Fontaine is a runner-up in Career and Technology, and Eli Hardegree is a runner-up in the Journalism field. These students have put countless hours into their fields and were awarded for all their hard work throughout the years.

"I have been interested in science since I was a kid. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and understand that the path to get there involves rigorous work in science. I have always had an innate love for the subject." Paige Miller, the Page One winner for science elaborated when asked about their passions in science.

"I will use this to achieve further opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine. I hope to be able to use my extensive resume to mentor under a professor so I can continue my microbiological studies."

Nicki Howard is the winner for languages and she will be attending Florida State University and going into a major in music education and a minor in business. In her free time, she will be joining the Latin club.

"I have always liked languages, and I have already taken Spanish so I wanted to try something new so my sister introduced me to Latin. She said that I would regret it forever if I did not and I trusted her."

While Nicki prepares to transition to college, she continues to work on her languages, now broadening from only Latin to things like Mandarin and Russian.

Students were also invited to a luncheon to celebrate all of their accomplishments. The luncheon gave each one of them a chance to be able to visit and celebrate. Years of dedication and strength brought them to where they are today and each was rewarded for their accomplishments.


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