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Second Time's the Charm: Mrs. Williams

Columbus High School’s newest AP Psychology teacher, Mrs. Williams, has a career unique to most new teachers at CHS. This year will be Williams' second teaching experience at Columbus High.

Williams was raised in Columbus, GA where she went to the local school, Brookstone, during her childhood.

Williams proceeded to attend Presbyterian College in South Carolina where she majored in Special Education. After graduating, Williams moved back to Columbus to work as a substitute teacher in the school district.

Substitute teaching led Williams to work for Columbus High School’s self-contained classroom for moderate intellectual abilities. Later, Williams became engaged and moved to South Carolina with her fiance.

While living in South Carolina, Williams taught at Liberty High School. She married her husband in 2014 and continues to have a happy marriage to this day.

The Williams family decided to move from South Carolina to Columbus this summer for important job opportunities.

Williams contacted Columbus High and applied for a position as a teacher. She was then chosen to be CHS’s newest AP Psychology teacher.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Columbus so far,” she smiled.

Williams teaches six AP Psychology classes and works diligently to make a positive learning experience for all of her students.

“My teaching style changes based on feedback from the classroom. I look for what works and what doesn’t work.”

Teaching at Columbus for the second time, Williams’ kind-hearted personality allows her to create a positive experience for the school for years to come.


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