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Senior Bonfire Cancelled: The Truth About the Flame Being Put Out

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The Columbus High School Senior bonfire has been something many seniors have been looking forward to as a return to normalcy around the school. However, it was recently discovered that this event will be canceled.

Ms. Hood, the magnet coordinator of Columbus High School, comments that ”Our campus presents dangers and liabilities that prevent the school from having a bonfire. The ultimate decision was made by MCSD officials.”

The school parking lot is on a slope, which is what the fire marshal pointed out when inspecting the surrounding grounds to deem whether the parking lot is safe to hold this event. With wind currents also being a concern, the bonfire was ultimately canceled due to the school being able to be held liable if a surrounding building were to catch fire.

“I was really excited and it would have been one of the first normal things we had all year,” Alexis Crawford (12) commented.

“I kind of expected this would not plan out," Tae Lee (12) said.

Other students, however, were not badly affected. Anthony Faumuina (12) said he was “Indifferent to be honest, I myself wasn’t planning on going, but I can understand it would be a bummer to someone who wanted to go.”

“All events have to be submitted to Region Chiefs in writing with mitigation strategies outlined. Dr. Crumbs and the administrators are following those requirements for all events. Region Chiefs and risk management evaluate the plans and offer feedback. Sometimes that means that events are untenable and must be canceled” Ms. Hood added.

Alexis Crawford elaborated that, “I feel like it’s going to go the same way and it’s sad because we all get excited, but a lot of things get canceled. I understand why, but it’s still somewhat discouraging.”

Pictured: James W. “Bo” Bartlett, Homecoming, 1995, The Columbus Museum, Museum purchase made possible by Norman S. Rothschild in honor of his parents, Aleen and Irwin B. Rothschild, G. 1998.32


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