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Skills With the Quill: Young Georgia Authors Winners Announced

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Four CHS Students have advanced to the district level of the Young Georgia Authors Competition.

"The purpose of the Young Georgia Authors writing competition is to encourage students to develop [an] enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing" and "to provide a context to celebrate their writing successes" according to the Muscogee County School District website.

From each class, three winners were selected. The first place students advance to the regional competition.

The winners are as follows:

9th grade: Charolette Jolley

10th grade: Grace Johnson

11th grade: Anika Sridhar

12th grade: Emma Silverstein

These four students will submit their work to a committee from MCSD, and an entry from each grade level will be chosen.

"These district level winners then go to the next level (the regional level)," says Margie Riles, literary content specialist for grades 6-12.

"Then a grade level winner is chosen at the [regional] level which then moves on to the state level. At that point, [Georgia Language Arts Supervisors] members read and select a state-level winner."

9th-grade winner, Charollete Jolley, reveals that entering the contest was uncharacteristic of her.

Participating in YGA "was kind of on a whim," she admits. "My life-long lack of participation in pretty much everything led to me realizing there are a ton of opportunities around me if I look for them."

For senior Emma Silverstein, the excerpt she submitted was a part of her 150-page novel for her senior project. Participating in YGA was one of her requirements.

"When I did it in sophomore year, though, I simply did it because I wanted to get a foothold into how writing contests worked and I heard it would be a good first step," she adds.

The district-level winners are expected to be announced before February 24th. Regional winners should be announced before March 24th, and a date has not been set for state winners.


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