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Striking Her Way Through CHS: Mrs. Laye

Columbus High School student body and faculty welcome new ninth-grade teacher and volleyball coach, Mrs. Carson Laye.

Laye is a third-generation Auburn graduate on both sides of her family.

She graduated from Cartersville High School. Then attended Auburn University for her bachelor's in Secondary English Education and American College of Education for her master's in Advanced Studies of English with a concentration in Online Teaching and Instruction.

Laye previously taught at Coosa High School, in Rome Ga, where she was offered her first job right out of college.

She has now been in the teaching field for eight years and plans to continue down the same path.

After winning three state championships in a row at her previous high school, Laye has taken on the position of head coach on the CHS Volleyball team after Mrs. Donna Fleming retired.

She has also taken over the writer's workshop class. Writers Workshop is a course that offers skills that can be utilized outside of the classroom such as, rhetorical analysis, writing, research, presentation skills, collaboration, and time management.

“When I looked at schools, CHS stood out,” stated Laye, “I was thrilled when an opportunity came about for me to teach and coach volleyball here!”

Laye has many hobbies such as reading, traveling, and coaching volleyball. She also enjoys

spending time with friends and family.

She has also traveled to many different places around the world, from studying abroad in London in college and traveling to Scotland and Ireland to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and many places inside and near the US.

“I am looking forward to getting to know my new school and community,” remarked Laye.


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