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Students Voice Their Viewpoint on Mask Mandate

As Covid-19 cases increase around the country, many Columbus High School students state they support the mask mandate for faculty and students in the Muscogee County School District. However, students' views vary based on politics and the newly released vaccine in the United States.

All schools in Muscogee County are requiring students and teachers to wear masks for the 2020-2021 school year.

The mask mandate has been the center of conversation due to Muscogee County Schools recently starting back, the rise in COVID-19 cases, and businesses attempting to return back to “normal.”

The majority of the students interviewed at Columbus High agreed with the COVID-19 protocols and regulations.

“To an extent, if we don’t follow COVID protocol and 6 feet distancing, the chances of masks working [are] limited,” said Sophomore Maddy Novak.

Should masks be an option for fully vaccinated students and teachers?

“Mask mandates are appropriate for the situation”, a sophomore responded, “ regardless of how people feel about the situation we are in a pandemic and the virus can still spread- even to people that have the vaccine”

Recently, there have been new strands of the virus, COVID-19, spreading. This has caused commotion among parents and students on whether or not to require masks at school.

In addition, some students and parents do not agree with the mandate of masks.

Recently, a new vaccine has been released causing some students to have a change of thought on the mask mandate.

“I hate masks to be honest but [I] feel like there should be a mandate in schools, but a choice for vaccinated students”, replied Mya Thomas.


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