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The New Jack of All Trades: Ms. Donovan

Columbus High School's new addition to the Social Studies department, Meredith Donovan, has recently taken on the challenge of teaching three different classes.

She was initially hired shortly before she graduated from college to take over for a mid-year opening.

Donovan then went on to start teaching AP Macroeconomics, Honors Economics, and AP World.

“My favorite class to teach is Honors Economics,” remarks Donovan, "I have a lot more freedom with the content compared to AP classes.”

Honors Economics is a survey course of five economics topics: fundamentals, macroeconomics, international, and personal finance.

AP Macroeconomics focuses on how a country's economy functions and interacts with other countries, including policies to stabilize the economy.

Donovan has been teaching at Columbus High School for almost three years now.

Along with teaching three different classes, she sponsors both the Mock Trial team and Young Democrats Club.

The first Mock Trial competition will be region competitions on the first two Saturdays in February. If Mock Trial advances, they will have district competitions at the beginning of March.

Since Donovan joined the Blue Devils, the 2021-2022 school year will be her first year experiencing a semi-normal year as a high school teacher.

Donovan loves teaching at Columbus High and enjoys the position that she has taken on.

“The students are incredible here,” stated Donovan, “they keep me striving to improve my teaching practice.”

Donovan consistently works towards making her classroom a positive environment for her students. She incorporates creative projects into the lessons such as creating their own businesses.

"I want all of my students to be engaged and understand how the content relates to real life," stated Donovan, "even if it isn't always the most interesting topic."

In 2019, Donovan graduated from Columbus State University with a bachelor's degree in History and secondary education.

She is currently attending CSU, working towards getting her Masters of Education in Social Studies, and is scheduled to graduate in May of 2022.


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